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Easy one subscribe to my weekly Bikepacking Podcast Channel. Covering important things I’ve learned over the years, from gear that works to planning your own Bikepacking adventures, from beginners to expeditions. So, if you’re into podcasts you can sit back with a cold beer and tune in, or even better yet download them to listen to while in your tent at night while on your own Bikepacking adventure.  If you have Bikepacking questions, reach out, I answer all questions on the podcast so you might learn some new Bikepacking tips. All you have to do is subscribe, click the icon.  Cheer Guys 

Got Questions About Bikepacking

There is nothing better than getting a question from a fellow Bikepacker. Are you planning your first cycle tour or are you thinking how to improve your Bikepacking setup? If so, reach out, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. We all start from somewhere. Any question Bikepacking related gets answered, including beer questions like how do I buy you a beer?.

Bikepacking Friends Resources

I have a lot of crazy Bikepacker friends from crazy Bikepacking desert expeditions. Guys who love the feeling like they’re in the heat of hell, to people that compete in The Iditarod Trail and don’t mind their balls freezing off. Or people that are into ultralight Bikepacking racing like The Great Divide. And of course my excellent friends like Matt and Richard who are traveling the world for years by bikes. 

We always throw out ideas between us and this is my chance to pass on the info and solution we came up with. For Bikepacking etc., how to set up your gear better for this climate or remote survival.  What gear is working, what’s crap. Before we even buy, one of us knows something about it. Usually me as I am the gear junkie in the group, so reach out.

Ask From Facebook Messager

I am happy to give you any advice, I love talking Bikepacking. I reply directly from the podcast and if I am online at the time you ask I reply through Facebook messenger straight away.

Who Doesn't Love Instagram.

My Girlfriend spends hours and hours looking at Fashion on Instagram. I didn’t really get it till I opened an account and started looking at Bikepacking photos and van life builds. Now with over 5000 followers in just a short time, I post my adventures all the time. What I like about Instagram is even in remote places I can quickly edit and post to Instagram without a lot of bandwidths. So guys, follow the adventure through Instagram just click the icon and follow. Simple as that. Cheers, Guys.

Summit Your GPX Files To Bikepacking Trails.

The primary reason for the Solo Bikepacking website is to facilitate a venue where you can easily gain access to Bikepacking trails; a place where you can find GPX files of the country you want to explore. I’ve added a lot of GPX files, some weekend trips and lots of monthly trips, some famous and some not so famous. With your help, we’ll be able to grow to be the world’s largest Bikepacking Trails data base, so please submit your GPX adventure. It’s easy to submit to data base; just click upload at the bottom of each page you find Cheers Guys.


Click With Confidents All Gear Tested

If you’re like me, I buy a 60% of my Bikepacking gear on Amazon USA  as it got the biggest section of products compared to other Amazon international locations. The other 5% I buy directly from AliExpress. The other 30% I buy from small cottage companies. Like Bike Bag Dude in Australia or Jpaks in USA, or Alpine Kit UK. They all ship to me worldwide no problem, no problems. 

I spent a lot of money over the years on gear, too much, some good some bad.  This year, I had many companies reach out and ask for review and testing. Mainly because of my Facebook page with over 300000 views a month and YouTube channel. So with that it makes up about 5% of my gear that comes from companies directly from their manufactures. The rule I tell them is simple: I am happy to test the new Bikepacking gear they designed for a year for my Bikepacking kit list. If they agree, then after a year, if it still in my kit list, I do a review. I never do out of the box reviews so you can buy the gear with confidence.

Living in Vietnam it’s hard to find products that are of excellent quality. I wish we had a Rei Store. In Vietnam there are a lot of cheap Chinese rip offs. Like North Face, you can buy a North Face backpack for $8. If I find a real brand name like MSR in Vietnam, you can pay 35% more than the USA price. It still works out cheaper for me to buy on Amazon, USA with free shipping. Then it’s forwarding from my shipping company in the USA to me in Vietnam. 

What is great is that I can edit the invoice and beat customs, I.e. If a tent cost me $400 I change the invoice to $40 and rename it ‘kids play tent’. I’ll do a detail blog on that later. Showing you guys how to save money on customs tax in your country.

So back to Amazons Affiliates Links and way for you to help me. If you click a text link, I get a small commission. I think it s 2%, it does not affect your check out price ever. Basically, the company eats that commission as a part of their Marketing sales budget.

Remember, ever product I am recommending is still to this day a part from my gear list. Some pieces of gear are up to 8-years-old and have been abuse-used a lot.  If it is in my gear list then it works; simple as that. I do not make out of box reviews, all reviews are of gear that is between 1 year to 8 years old. And they’re that good they still sell them today. So you can click the Amazons Affiliates Links with confidence. When your gear arrives, it’s going to work and last for many years to come. Cheers for the support Guys.

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Hey Guys, did you know those Google Absence Adverts you see pop up every so often on the site? Well, if you want help support the running cost of the Solo Bikepacking Website without spending a cent, just click a few of those adverts every so often,  Big Thanks Guys for your support.. As I got years of adventures & gear reviews planned.

It's Easy Share Blogs With Friends.

Any post that you found interesting, got some new ideas for your own Bikepacking adventure? If you would like to help the Solo Bikepacker page grow so that it’ll be around for a long time, just share it on Bikepacking or cycling groups on Facebook or even better share it on your own Facebook page.


The more people this website can help to find the right gear to getting out on the trails, the better. And sharing doesn’t cost you a thing, just 3 seconds of your time. Just use the share buttons, thanks for the support Cheers Guys

How My Bikepacking Channel Started

It all started while I was Bikepacking Sir Lanka in 2016. I did a rough one take video of my Bikepacking gear list I had spent 1 year putting together just for fun no editing, just one take then uploaded it. I logged out of my YouTube account, never thought much about it, and went on a 2 month Bikepacking around Sir Lanka. A year later, I logged back into YouTube and saw over 50000 views and lots of comments and likes with over 2000 subscribers.  I should have monetized it damn. Over the years I upload once in a while Bikepacking kit lists. As I say, I just do one take and do it for fun. But the channel is growing now over 5000 subscriber and over 5000000 views in total, not bad for an iPhone and one shot videos. Subscrible to the channel comment like Cheers is Growing With You Help.

On average, I spend 40+ hours per week creating new Bikepacking blogs articles while taking photos/videos and sharing my adventures, and what I’ve learned about Bikepacking gear with you.

If you’re learning from my resources, photos, videos and gear testing, and it’s saving you money, then please consider supporting my work directly by donating with PayPal. This is a great way to help support the blog, so I can create more resources for your interests.

My primary aim here is to take the quality of to the next level and for the site to be around for a long time. Your help by donations will go directly into writing resources and improving the design, layout, especially the speed of the site I.e. more bandwidth and overall operation of the website. It all adds up. 

At present time it’s over $600 a year and I want to improve it more with an automatic data base. So when you upload a GPX file, it automatically goes to the country folder. Then people can within secs download your GPX rather than me spending hours after hours, manually updating downloaded folders, over 240 folders. But that will cost a lot to do for that custom coding. So If enough people help, the site will be here for a long time. Thank you click the PayPal icon, big or small, every Dollar helps. Cheers, guys.

Nothing Better Than A Cold Beer.

I know you Guys see a lot of bloggers & YouTubers asking for donations like “Buy Me A Coffee”. But I’m Irish and the only coffee I drink has whiskey in it. For me, “Buy Me A Beer” is better suited to who I am.  There’s nothing better in this world than opening a bottle of beer after a hard day’s ride, that’s been chilling in a stream while I was setting up camp. Plus, I’m more creative with a beer in my hand while doing this blog work and YouTube Videos. The only problem is I got  2 hands and only one mouth. I put the name of whoever buys me a beer in the credits of my YouTube video you can buy me a beer here cheers guys.


Surprise Me Guys With Buy Me A Mea

Want to buy me a meal while on Bikepacking Expeditions? I would really appreciate. I Try to stay within a daily budget of $10 a day while touring. It not a lot but that way I can do more adventures. That budget covers grocery shopping at the local market and buying water if I can’t find a stream or tap. So stopping to buy me a meal, even fast food like Burger King is a luxury that makes my day. 

While traveling by bike you burn a lot of calories; it doesn’t matter what you eat you burn it off. You wouldn’t believe how much I miss a Burger King. I know they suck and are not good for you. But everyone has got a craving and mine is the Double Whopper with extra cheese, no pickle, super size me meal lol. So want to surprise me while on the road and buy me a meal? I post a big Thank You on my Facebook page with a live feed of the meal you bought me. Click the icon, Cheers Guys.  If there’s no Burger King I promise guys I just buy beer.


Like And Follow On The Bikepacking Page.

When I got into Bikepacking over 8 years ago, I structured a small Facebook page. Wasn’t really sure again what I was going to do with it. I was more surprised when I got 100 page like I could take a custom name. Even in 2012  the domain name Facebook/Bikepacking was available, CRAZY. I thought some Bikepacking bag company or large Bikepacking website looking to get into the Bikepacking market would have taken that a long time ago. Whoever worked in their marketing team screwed up big time. I knew then the domain name in Facebook Bikepacking would be Like .com ,specially when people search on Facebook Bikepacking I would come up in the top 3 every time.