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The next few years you will get an in depth into my Bikepacking Blog covering over 10 countries. “Pushing myself and, I am sure, pushing my bike and Bikepacking gear to the extreme.” I’ve planned over 6 years of Bikepacking expeditions were I will travel all around the world. If you come here to read my Bikepacking blog, you are probably interested in adventure. Every cycling touring adventure starts with a story. Here is my story (My bucket list).

The Expedition On Hold DAMM COVID-19

So I have shipped most of my gear back to me in Vietnam, minus the drone and Beast. I started building a new bamboo fatbike as of 2020 August. As mine is impossible to import into Vietnam without spending a small fortune because of import customs in Vietnam being crooks 47% import tax. For used bikes it’s worse because you can’t import any used products into Vietnam, unless you bring it in with you on a plane. And in this time of writing this I can’t even fly to Australia to bring it back. I’ve tried. 

So the expedition plans are on hold till the world opens up again. But I am planning a few trips to Vietnam in the coming months once I’ve built my new Fatbike. It’s going to be my first bike build and I will post a blog in the Bikepacking setups page. If you like to support the Expedition, you can by clicking the link. Cheer’s Guys.

About The Bikepacking Expeditions.

Each Bikepacking blogs expedition will be from start to finish. From researching the route to choosing the right Bikepacking gear. How I pack the gear for international flights, especially do I use a case or just a cardboard box? How I deal with customs and visas for that country. Showing you when I arrive and setting up bike and gear. Finding and stocking up on food supplies from local markets. The Bikepacking blog will be updated every 250 km, 500 km, 750 km, 1000 km, etc. Including culture, food and people I meet on the trails. 

Each blog will also have a full 30 min documentary that will be shared on my YouTube channel where I’ll be showing you Gear reviews from the trail, amazing drone footage of the landscapes and adventure. To me cooking one-pot meals with local ingredients and hopefully getting to my goal on the bucket list. This way you will have a detailed account and experience and tips for your own Bikepacking adventure. 


Bikepacking Expedition's Blogs Coming Soon.

Please note any Blogs that are password protected just means I am still working on writing the blogs. Once completed they will be unlocked so everyone can read. So bear with me Guys it just me Solo and I got a lot of Bikepacking content coming out  for 2021. Cheers