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Bikepacking For Beginners “Hope It Help’s “

Welcome to Bikepacking for beginner’s tips, I wish I knew a lot of this before I got into Bikepacking. It would have saved me a lot of time on my Bikepacking gear and setups and money. I know this will be great for anyone thinking about getting in to Bikepacking or switching from tradition cycle touring. All these ideas are from my own experiences over the last 8 years and tip from Bikepacking friends.. This is perfect for some thinking about going on a first Bikepacking trip. From overnight bikepacking adventure to a few weeks or months or even world tour. If you travel the solo bikepacker or as a couple. And these Bikepacking tips will for sure make life easier first time round.  


The best way to learn is to get out there and test your Bikepacking setups start off with a few over nighter Bikepacking trips. Don’t over pack you soon find out ways to improve your setup over trail and error the point of this Bikepacking for beginners page is to save you time and expense. And guys, if you know a much better way of doing it, comment on the post. I am always learning too and great to hear new ideas.


When I learn something new guys, I keep updating Bikepacking for beginners page. So check back often for more Bikepacking ideas for your next adventure. If these Tips helped you and want to help the channel grow, click here Cheer Guys.When I learn something new I keep adding to this page, so check back often for more Bikepacking ideas for your next adventure. 

Bikepacking Beginners Blogs Coming Soon.

Please note any Blogs that are password protected just means I am still working on writing the blogs. Once completed they will be unlocked so everyone can read. So bear with me Guys it just me Solo and I got a lot of Bikepacking content coming out  for 2021. Cheers