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What’s awesome about the Bikepacking community there’re a lot of smart people out there with lots of expertise and advice. Meet My Bikepacking Friends and their tips.These guys I’ve known for years. Each one is down to earth with sharing their knowledge or experiences. You know those people that ask for advice and you got a good friend that drops everything to help. Well, these are those types of good friends. When I have a question, these guys are more than happy and we’ve been sharing ideas for years. So I asked each one of them to write a single blog page. Introducing themselves and giving you some expert Bikepacking advice. Want to learn more about these guys and get some amazing advice? Then follow their adventures. Their links to their own sites or YouTube channels and social media are in the person blog pages. 

Bikepacking Friends Tips

Each Bikepacker Friend's Post Is Full Of Great advice.

I know each guy personally they got the experiences and knowledge. Want to document your adventure and learn the perfect editing and camera gear setup? Then look over Matts from Jayoe which is a great place to start. Matt has over millions and millions of views on his YouTube channel. Looking to do extreme expedition? Then there’s nobody better than Fat Mongrel. He plans every expedition down to the smallest detail about things you would have never even thought of. He got excellent advice, even better, he invented Bikepacking gadgets solution with his 3d printer.  Or Pavel, a rugby sport coach who loves to race but has a true understanding body intake neuration. Cody, who gives advice on supporting your adventure, where he makes $6000 passive income while touring from his website. 

Steven, who completed The Iditarod Trai and knows winter gear setups better than anyone. He even made his own featured documentary 1000 Miles To None. Checkout Phil like me, a gear junkie. Or Mike, touring on a Fatbike across the USA, he is really living life to the fullest. And of course Richard who has been traveling by bike for over 10 years around the world. He has been to over 100 counties, some even 3 times. There’s nothing about touring he does not know. Border control, travel visas. If you’re trying to get out just for weekends. Sam is the man with simple ultra light advice from UK summers to Bikepacking winter setups. The Bikepacking friend list keeps growing with expert advice, so bookmark the page, guys check out their personal advice pages and follow their link to their own pages.

Best Mechanical Advice

Are you looking for bicycle mechanic advice? Then this is the guy, founder of Elevation Wheel Company. He is the key person in the Bikepacking world. His wheel builds are the talk of the Bikepacking community. 


Bikepacking Friends Tips

Bikepacking Friends Tips Coming Soon.

Please note any Blogs that are password protected just means I am still working on writing the blogs. Once completed they will be unlocked so everyone can read. So bear with me Guys it just me Solo and I got a lot of Bikepacking content coming out  for 2021. Cheers