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There Is No Bad Weather, Only Bad Gear.

There’s an Old Norwegian saying– “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!”.

Which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”. I wholeheartedly agree, but I added gear to the saying. Every piece of equipment reviewed is Bikepacking gear that works and lasts. And is a part of my gear list still to this day. Some gear is up to 7 years old and can still be found online, that’s how good it is. Most gear doesn’t make it pass the first year. Trust me, I’ve bought a lot of gear. If you’re thinking of a piece of gear to add to your Bikepacking gear list, you’re welcome to reach out and ask about it. I’ve probably bought it or know some fact about it. Or I know a Bikepacker that has experience with it and can give advice.

Stop Reading Top 25 Bikepacking Gear Reviews.

All my Bikepacking Gear reviews are an in-depth gear review. Each piece of Bikepacking gear is still to this day a part from my gear lists. I design my Bikepacking setup for all seasons and all terrains. I put my gear list together with world cycling tours in mind. You never see top 25 Bikepacking bikes here, think about it Guys. Those reviews are just click bate to get you to the site for ad revenue. For me to recommend top 25 bikes in 2020  would mean that I have at least 100 bikes. And have tested them all daily, out of those 100 bikes I picked 25. 

Totally impossible to do. To ride and test all those bikes it would take years. Plus, look at those types of reviews, all photos are from manufacture websites. Those bloggers have not even seen the bike, let alone tested. So if you want a truthful Bikepacking Gear reviews, you come to a right place.  

It Took Seven Year of Testing To Find The Best Gear.

It’s very rare for me to buy a piece of Bikepacking gear that works as advertised or lasts. Most pieces of Bikepacking gear that I have bought have been trail and error and at great expense. Perfect example before finding Shower Pass refuge rain gear I had spent over $1100 on 5 other brands. So you see from my Bikepacking gear reviews I only put the best gear, saving you time and money. Cheers Guys

Bikepacking Gear Reviews Blogs Coming Soon.

Please note any Blogs that are password protected just means I am still working on writing the blogs. Once completed they will be unlocked so everyone can read. So bear with me Guys it just me Solo and I got a lot of Bikepacking content coming out  for 2021. Cheers