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Get The Best Bikepacking GPX Trails

Looking for the best Bikepacking Gpx Trails @ Bikerafting waterways from around the world? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for famous and not so famous Bikepacking and Waterways to explore. Gpx trails are being added by fellow Bikepackers and Bike rafters like yourself. Ps I just added Canada The Great Trail over 24,000 kilometres (15,000 miles); which is the longest recreational,  network in the world. so that keep you guys busy till I update the map in August  with your uploads. 

Choose A Country & Download GPX Files

It’s simple guys, just select the country on the world map  you want to explore and click ‘download’. You get every Bikepacking Gpx trail that has been uploaded for the entire country. That way you upload to your phone that attached to your rig with Quadlock bicycle mount or transfer to your Bikepacking Gps gadget  like the Garmin Edge 830 Sensor Bundle can explore fresh trails before deciding on your adventure.  

Bikerafting Gpx Files As Well

If you haven’t tried Bikerafting, it’s really the evolution from Bikepacking, check out a Kokopelli Rogue raft. I bought one a few years ago; it packs down to the size of a beach towel. I took it on a Bikepacking expedition through the Ho Chi Minh Trail, even through the world’s largest river cave in Laos’ Xe Bang Fai River cave. A real game-changer going to more remote places by bike and packraft is possible.  “Tip: get a 4 piece paddle; it packs smaller carbon if you can like this brand “ Bikepacking Gpx Trails to the next level.

Add Your Gpx Trails To The Database

If you like to add to the database, it’s even easier. Just upload your Bikepacking Gpx trail. I accept all formats GPX, TCX, KML, KMZ, or FIT. I update weekly starting the 1st of March 2021 so send your files. No personal info, not even an email address is collected, just the Gpx file. Cheers guys for helping the data base grow and share this page with friends on social media