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The Best Bikepacking Setups.

There are so many ways to set up your bike. From weekend warrior setup to world tour covering all 4 seasons Bikepacking setups. You can even add a packraft to get a  Bikerafting setup. There is no right or wrong way; there is just a smarter way by getting out there and testing your Bikepacking set-up. Here you can find a lot of different Bikepacking set-ups you can use as a guide.  


The number one rule for me is that the frame bag is a great place to start, i.e. your foundation.  I always put tools and water and filter in that bag, so that’s where I start on all Bikepacking setups. Then I work around that. The reason is that these are the two heaviest things I carry, and I can’t change their weight. I can change the weight of a  tent even down to 680 grams, but never my water. Water is going to be l liter = 1kg so best to keep it in the frame. I use a Bladder that holds 2 liters and the Cnoc that holds 3 more liters for a more stable ride on the rough trails. From there, you build your Bikepacking setup. 


So check out all the Bikepacking setups. Each setup took a minimum of 6 months and over 3000 km of testing before finalizing the Bikepacking gear list. If you want to see my personal setup I am working on now called Basecamp click here. Cheers Guy’s.

Bikepacking Setups Blogs Coming Soon.

Please note any Blogs that are password protected just means I am still working on writing the blogs. Once completed they will be unlocked so everyone can read. So bear with me Guys it just me Solo and I got a lot of Bikepacking content coming out  for 2021. Cheers