Solo Bikepacker

My Full Carbon Fatbike

I Bought Full Carbon Fat Bike For Cycle Touring Why? 8 years ago I got into cycle touring after watching many cycle touring videos on YouTube. I decided on a full carbon Fatbike setup with Bikepacking setup rather than the traditional steel frame bike and traditional pannier setup. In 2012, I didn’t see anyone touring… Continue reading My Full Carbon Fatbike

My Gear List

About My Bikepacking Gear List: Setup. This is something completely different from my usual Bikepacking setups that I’ve done over the years. From Bikerafting setups to 4 season setups to Bikepacking race setups, etc. I wouldn’t even call it a Bikepacking setup, more of a cross between MTB day ride setup and off-road bicycle trailer… Continue reading My Gear List

Solo Bikepacker

About Solo Bikepacker Obsessed with gear and Bikepacking the world, seeing unknown places of the beaten path with my camera and Bikepacking rig (THE BEAST).  I have been Bikepacking since 2012 with my full-carbon fatty bike with a complete set of Bikepacking bags. I hope my Solo Bikepacking site gives you some inspiration (and helping… Continue reading Solo Bikepacker