Solo Bikepacker

John Wile

Hi Mark quick question about international Bikepacking trip that I have planned to Vietnam. How the best way to transport your bike with the airlines. I see a lot people recommending EVOC bike travel bag. Looks great but expensive my other concern is I arrive at the north and Bikepack to south where my flight is… Continue reading John Wile

Deb Watson

Hi Solo My question is I am looking to get into Bikepacking and have a budget around $2500 for a bike. Knowing what you know now, I saw you bought a bike from a shop already built at the start. Then the second bike you built.  Would you recommend building a bike for your first… Continue reading Deb Watson

Mary Jane

Question Hi Solo Bikepacker. I got Question for your podcast. My biggest fear about Bikepacking Solo is someone trying to steal my bike and gear over all safely while cycle touring alone. How do you keep your bike and gear safe specially?. When sleeping in your tent at night and stopping to go get food… Continue reading Mary Jane