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Bikepacker's Friends Want To Get In Touch

You can contact Solo Bikepacker. Use this forum, tick the Bikepacker box, I check emails daily even when I am on the trials and answer any Bikepacking question within 24 hours. Also reach out for a beer & Bikepacking chat if I am traveling through your area to see where I am using Live Tracker page. Cheers, Guys.

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Companies That Need An Outdoor Gear Tester

Want Solo Bikepacker to test your product in some remote places and in extreme weather condition around the world? Places like the jungles of Vietnam in monsoon season? If you think your product can improve my Bikepacking gear list and would like to see it in future videos and expeditions., then reach out and contact me Solo Bikepacker use the forum and select the corporate box. 

Terms And Condition Outdoor Gear Tester:

  • Non Paid Outdoor Tester, all I ask is for is a sample product.
  • Send the product cover shipping and customs
  • After a year of testing, it may become a part from my Bikepacking kit list (But Not guaranteed as only the best gear makes it )
  • If your product makes it to the Bikepacking Gear list, you have all the rights to any photos or videos or reviews that have your product in it. And you can use it for your own marketing without permission.
  • I may write a blog about it
  • Share your product with over 100 cycle tour & Bikepacking Facebook groups I am a member and admin off
  • When I am reading a question on Facebook groups and think your product would help that person in gear choices, I give a link to your site and tell them why I think it’s good…
  • I include a directed link to your site
  • Plus a direct link in my Facebook shop to your primary business site, no commission fees.
  • Include your logo in the brands I trust page along with other companies some I bought, some I got for outdoor testing (it will include disclaimer for outdoor testing program )
  • You can also give a discount code if you want to track sales and help my readers.
  • If you agree to these terms, please contact me via the forum to get my shipping addresses. Cheers look forward to working with you.