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"The hardest thing about travelling is deciding to go, the rest is easy".

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The hardest thing about traveling is deciding to go, the rest is easy.

 Solo Bikepacking Website. Hey, I’m Mark (Solo BikePacker) Welcome to my Solo Bikepacking Website. I love the adventure that Bikepacking brings me, and I want to share what I’ve learned over the years.  In 2020, during lockdown, the Solo Website was born. I’ve been thinking about this site for many

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The next few years you will get an in depth into my Bikepacking Blog covering over 10 countries. “Pushing myself and, I am sure, pushing my bike and Bikepacking gear to the extreme.” I’ve planned over  6 years of Bikepacking expeditions were I will travel all around the  world. If you come here to read my Bikepacking blog, you are probably interested in adventure. Every cycling touring adventure starts with a story. Here is my story (My bucket list).

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Looking for the best Bikepacking Gpx Trails @ Bikerafting waterways from around the world? You’ve come to the right place. Gpx trails are being added by fellow Bikepackers lie your self. Free to download

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Sorry Guys I couldn’t tell you how good their customer service is as I had never called them. There gear just works. If you hear anyone say amazing customer service what that really means the gear failed and they spent time on the phone trying to fix it it. That the only reason you would have to call a company.


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