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How To Build A Cycle Touring Website

How To Start A Cycling Blog For World Tour

I thought this would interest cycle tourists who want to document their Cycle World Tour or brief adventures with a website. And maybe also make some passive income to help support your cycle tour along the way. How To Build A Cycle Touring Website tips might help you.

So what I’m going to do is break it down from start to finish. Things I’ve learned over the last 3 months building Solo Bikepacker website. Don’t worry, you won’t take as long as I did. It should take just a few weeks as I made a few mistakes when I built this website. And now passing what I’ve learned i.e. the correct way of building a website for your Bikepacking tour. Not saying it’s 100% correct, but it works for me and I think it works for you. At least you won’t make the same costly and time-consuming mistakes as I did. So let’s get started.


How To Choose A Brand Name

For a start, the first thing you’re going to have to think about is the name that you want people to recognise you by throughout social media platforms. Something easy to say, easy to remember and related to what you’re about. Many people even business rush into choosing a name. Then when they go to register for social media, it’s not available.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is find the name, i.e. your brand. We are going to make sure it’s available in all their social media platforms that you want.

how to build a cycle touring website

The way I do this is very simple: there is a site called It doesn’t just check to see if the .com is available, it also checks things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook YouTube Vimeo, etc.

The first thing to do is put the name in and search. What you’re trying to do is find a cool name that suits your long-term goals and direction of what you’re planning. Get at least Com and also Facebook Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo and if you’re in Twitter, get that. For example, I wanted to use the words nomad. After searching for nomad, I quickly realised, it was all gone. So I did the next thing to look at alternative words with the same meaning. So I found the word vagabond, and I tried vagabond cyclist but that was also taken. Then I looked for an alternative to cyclist. I found the word Bikie, so put the two names together and came up with vagabond bikie. You guys get the idea of customising your brand name that relates to you.

Once you’ve decided on your brand name and made sure that it’s available, register it. Facebook is free, YouTube is free but you have to have 100 subscribers. Just buy them for $5 to get you started or ask friends to subscribe. Twitter is free, Instagram is free, and Vimeo is free at the time of writing this.

I owned Bikepacking and or Bikepacking Instagram wasn’t available, as some other people registered them years ago. They didn’t register the rest of the brand names, even YouTube domain was free just 2 years ago. Which I got, someone in their marketing department messed up big time. 

Another tip, if you can’t find the name you want. You could reach out to people and buy it from them. But that will cost you, so you  better use that money for new gear and your planned cycle tour. But you find your own brand name with a bit of patience, try it here.

Get A Free Logo Design Template

how to build a cycle touring website

I recommend using the free service from Canva; you can design your Bikepacking logo there. Also later on, design Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Facebook covers, etc. Once you designed your logo, place it on all your social media profile pictures. Like Instagram: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. While you’re in Canva design, make the covers for YouTube Facebook Instagram Vimeo, etc.

Tip: use the same media cover for all your social media, now you’re starting to create your branding.


Free Domian Name

There are lots of places to get your Domain name registration. But you can get it for free with your first year hosting package, or if you go with just buy one for $10 from Name server which is better.

Web Hosting Packages

Lets talk about the website hosting I have been doing website design for many years as a hobby. From flash 3 back in 1996 to Wix templates “ By the way, Wix Sucks “. To Squarespace for the past 7 years, great hosting company, to now word press. I just switched from Squarespace in the last 3 months to word press, where I had built some websites for friends and small businesses which is fine. Squarespace costs about $200 a year for the hosting, the template, the SSL certificate, etc. It’s really easy to use but it’s limited compared to word press for example.

This site I was going to in Squarespace originally. But I wanted to add recipe cards for my one-pot meals blogs. I thought it would look really cool but the design I really liked wasn’t available to Squarespace platform. I looked at word press who had many to choose from. So I built this site in word press, just needed a hosting company to get started.

There are a lot of cheap first year hosting packages. I first signed up for GoDaddy, as it was cheap, even though it was $14 for the first year and had a free domain name, which you cannot transfer for 90 days. They had so many hidden extra costs. For example, the SLL cert, which is a standard feature in Squarespace and many hosting companies. Basically, SSL cert says that your site is secure. And google demands it to anywhere in top on its search engine.

GoDaddy wanted another $79 for it SSL certificate every year, which is crazy, even if you buy from somewhere else for $5, which is fair. GoDaddy won’t let you upload unless you’re paying for top dollar hosting package scam. So I started looking for different companies that offered the SSL security feature included in the hosting package. I found many adverts for Bluehost and many youtubers recommend it, so why so many adverts? I realised that people are pushing it as they pay a very high commission rate with their affiliate programs. That’s why people recommend it, not because it’s any good but because they get good commission. The service is slow compared to other hosting companies lucky I didn’t sign up to that.


Hosting company

After making the mistake of signing up to GoDaddy, I switched to HostGator for a few reasons. One, I got a first year hosting for $35, which includes a free domain name and free and SSL certification. It also comes with a free WordPress template and some good plugins like easy loader. if you’re new to c panel, their tech support is fantastic. I don’t think I waited for more than a minute before I got chatting with them. So I’m pretty happy about that. Setup is actually really easy if you just follow the instructions and directions after you sign up. It really is that easy and as I say if not sure, ask support or watch a YouTube video. again later i found out they didnt support certain features and wanted more money 

At Last found best Hosting package

After more research I found 10Web hosting is powered by Google Cloud, which makes it extremely fast and secure.. What I really liked was the plugins that they give like compression images I already had to pay 10 dollars a month for that plugin and $50 a year for seo plugin. 10 web was not just supper fast but it had a lot of plugins Included in the price.  So I moved the whole site over to them much happier now .. Wish I started with them would saved me a lot of money headache and stress.. so get you hosting from these guys .. 

Choose A Word Press Theme For Cycle Touring.

So you got your hosting company, you have bought a domain name and secured your social media accounts. You’ve made your logo and social media covers. At this point the cost should be about $120. Plus $5 for the YouTube 100 subscribers if you went that route instead of suggesting friends to subscribe to your new Bikepacking YouTube channel.

There are millions and millions of word press themes available. Spend your time going through a search theme template website and find a design that you like, keywords to search for travel blogs, cycle touring, adventure, etc.

Remember, you can always customize the theme, that’s what is great about it. So if you see a bar theme and you like it change it, rename headers, replace photos, etc. It’s all about the layout and design finding what you like. I bought my theme for $47 called Travelbiz. I’ve been happy with the team that designed this template. They are based in Nepal and always willing to help. As I say, there are many companies and many Word press theme designs out there’s. Once you get your template, you login to your word press and upload your new theme and get ready to build.Or you can build your own and save money

Word Press Editor Or Elementor Editor

how to build a cycle touring website

Now you gotta to decide how you’re going to edit your WordPress site. Word press editing software is brilliant they actually created it for bloggers. That’s what they design it for, but there are some limitations on the design layout features.

So for me I like to use elementor editor I like the drop and drag feature elementor offers. So I got that, it cost me $49 a year but the basic version is included in 10web hosting free is really simple to use and you can build complete site using it no problem. The disadvantage of elemental for me when I’m touring is. If I was just using WordPress, then I could use the word press app on my phone or iPad. To the site With elementor there no app so I carrying the laptop with me. But I find writing on the laptop is much easier than writing on an iPad or on your phone. 

So I recommend Elementor basic or get Elementor pro for people taking their laptop with them on Bicycle tour. I Carry MacBook air 11 inch it small and powerful in a waterproof case by aqua. But as I say, you can easily edit it if using word app with an iPad or iPhone. The choice is up to you. 

Word Press Plugins For Travel Blogs

how to build a cycle touring website

So what is a plug-in? Plug-ins make your sites more interesting. It can also slow your site loading time down. So choose carefully what you want in plug-ins and also it will cost you more money. I wanted to add recipe cards plug-in, there’s a free one. But I wanted one that would let me add videos, and that version of course cost money lol. 

With WordPress there is a plug-in for everything, and I mean everything.

There are many free plug-in versions I bought a few plug-ins; one for SEO help with google ranking, one for speeding up the site and one for recipe cards. My plug-in cost me additional $150 a year. but since i switch to 10web i dont need them anymore as 10 web gives you them free apart of there hosting package Remember, I was using Squarespace before, which only cost me a $200 a year. Now, with these plug-ins templates hosting domain names security, they all add up. Saying that I really like the design of my website done in in WordPress.

Start Building Your Cycle Touring Website

Okay guys, you’ve got all the website tools, now it’s time to build the Cycle touring, travel blog website. What I recommend doing is before you set off on your World tour or bikepacking cycle tour, build all the pages and layout first at home rather than on tour. Design the structure of your site, what the page is going to be about, Gear List, The Route, etc.


For me, I design the layout first and put everything in place. This means when I’m on tour, I can just write blogs and just upload it. And not worry about the other pages, as they’re already done, i.e. the structure and foundation is complete.


This makes life a lot easier while on tour. Remember, guys, you’re going to be in your tent from dusk till dawn, that’s 12 hours. After you finished cooking lay back, maybe sleep after a day’s ride. Or maybe watch a movie or listen to a podcast. But this is a perfect time to write your blog while it’s still fresh in your head. Basically, you got a lot of time in your tent. My routine for me: I cook, sit back, grab a beer and start working on my blog. After that I watch a zombie movie or some horror movie like evil dead if stuck in a forest. Or my new kick is to watch Korean horror movies, damn they’re good.


The plan is to release 2 blogs a week. One-pot meals recipes that I can make easily while touring as I got to eat. One gear reviews while on tour. I just grab a piece of Bikepacking gear and write a review, as I’ve known the gear for years. My Expedition biweekly blog and a podcast show answering questions from emails.


The final blog is bikepacking set ups. I plan to do different styles of setups for expeditions types. Make a Bikepacking Gear Lists before setting off from home as it’s good to have in your blog. Before you leave, design a layout template design that you want your travel blog to contain. Use that as a template for all your new blogs on the trails. Duplicate the template given a new heading, add new photos and start writing while in your tent at night.


When I stop at coffee or weekly lunch meal at Burger king, I upload to YouTube and to the blog. Coffee shops are great to charge your gadgets if your solar panel isn’t producing enough power in winter months.


Blogger Writing Apps That Help

how to build a cycle touring website

Now let’s talk about writing. For me it’s very difficult being dyslexic and been last in my English class. So how can I write 1500 to 3000 words which google SEO recommends for each blog? I found the website that’s for professional writers and it helps me. Not saying it’s perfect as I’ve already been told many times by friends that there are still grammar and spelling mistakes. But it for sure improves my writing where people can understand what I was trying to say. It helps with things like length of sentence, punctuation, spelling, etc.


Here’s a link to that site guys it really makes it easier if you’re like me and dyslexic. Most people won’t need this, plus it costs $75 a year.


How To SEO Optimize Your New Cycle Touring Blog

Okay let’s talk about search optimisation. This is probably the most important thing for your website. Once you have your layout done and some wording done and starting your blogs, what you are looking to do is get google to rank you, so people can see your travel blog. 

Remember what I said about plug-ins from WordPress. Well, there is even one for this. It’s called Yoast SEO and every time you write a page it scores you by telling you what you need to do to get better SEO and Google ranking.

It talks about headings and it is very simple after you get the hang of writing that way. But the first time you use Yoast SEO on your blogs, it’s going to take time to learn. You have got to write your blogs with SEO in mind. Things like sentence under 20 words, there are lots of variables and photos which you need to metal tag. For example, if your article is about the Ho Chi Minh Trail, then that word would be your heading. It’s also repeated eight times throughout the article. And included your photos in your meta tag. I spend an entire day on my first page, but the second time it took less time. 

Now I can seo my blogs in about 20 minutes and I am getting faster each time. There’re many videos on YouTube about it; that’s where I’ve been learning it. As I say, this will be easier to do. All this type of learning before you set off on your Bikepacking tour. But remember 10web gives you a free version but  i think this one is much better..


Ranking in Google for Bikepacking Blogs

how to build a cycle touring website

The SEO software is a great tool, but it’s still not enough. Google wants more SEO; it is just one part of getting a ranking. I read somewhere that Google wants you to have at least 30 blogs. Before launching your site and keep adding to it weekly.


I didn’t do that because I’m going to add to the site as I go along. My plan is to have 30 blogs which they recommend written within two months. And then 3 Blogs every week. That way my content is fresh and Google sees I’m serious about it. And over time they will start pushing my site and me up on the ranking system. It will take longer, I hear about 18 months from other cycle touring bloggers. Even with the way I am doing it. You can still find my blogs when searching just after 3 months, just not on the first page.


Marketing your Bikepacking website

how to build a cycle touring website

You just finished your Bikepacking blog layout, and you got some blogs up and your SEO score is good. Now it’s time to market it and get traffic. 

This is actually pretty easy. First thing to do is join as many cycle touring Facebook groups like Bikepacking and cycle touring groups as possible, I mean a lot. Every time you write a new blog that you think will be interesting to fellow travelers, share it to the groups with link to your blog. Do the same with Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube posts.

Build your Facebook page following

My Facebook page has over 23,000 followers and how I got there was very simple. I would share info about general bikepacking things I found online from websites. So every time I shared to cycle touring groups and people like I invited them to like my page. And that’s how my Facebook can get up to 300,000 views a month. It was all done within 18 months when I decided to take the Facebook page a bit more seriously. 

So, share your own website blogs from your website to your Facebook brand page. Then share your Facebook brand page and post to all the cycle touring groups. When they like it, invite them to like your Facebook brand page, simple.

Another way to grow your Facebook page is to invite your friends to like your page. Go through your friend’s list on Facebook and just invite everyone. That will get your page like numbers up maybe about 5000 friends. You get 500, the rest just delete. They’re not true Facebook friends anyway, lol. If you’re a couple traveling together, get your partner to do the same thing as long as there’re admins to the Facebook page.


YouTube Bikepacking Channel

If you’re making videos, which is a good idea especially for your blog, Google likes that if you make a YouTube video and you put it to your blog. Google gives you a better ranking when you have a YouTube video as well. When you release a YouTube video, share it on your Facebook. And Share on your Instagram, share on your Twitter, it’s all about sharing. 

The more people get to see it, the more chances they go to your website. Remember to add links to all your domain and description and tag lines in your YouTube videos. Here is the best tag line for YouTube videos for cycle touring & Bikepacking to help you get started.


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Making Money From Your Cycle Touring Website To See The World

I think many people would love to make a passive income imagine cycle touring; doing what you love. Writing some articles, uploading some videos to YouTube and making money that helps support your adventure. I will not say you are going to be rich. That happens only to the very few. But saying that, I know some friends who are making $2000 to $7000 a month from just the blogs.


I know YouTubers are making a couple of thousand dollars a month from their YouTube channel. YouTube doesn’t pay as well as Adsense on your blog. And Adsense don’t pay as much as Ezoic; they pay over $25 for every 1000 website views.


Many people believe that once they get 4500 video views and 1000 subscribers, you’ll be rich from YouTube. It’s not how it really works; it can, but not always. There are many videos on YouTube showing you how to make money from websites and YouTube and affiliate programs. This is just a short intro into that world of Marketing. I am just happy if I can cover the running costs of the website. As I am not a big fan of a website covered in adverts.


Okay, so here’ are a few ways to make some money from your website. One is to add some advertising things like Google AdSense. A perfect example: I added Google AdSense to my website. Just as a test run on the side bar only and I made $1.50 for the day. I know that is not a lot of money. But if you really think about it, that would add up to about $45 a month. If your Bikepacking budget is just $10 a day while touring like me, then that $45 equals more days on the road. 


Which helps towards making more content to share or a few beers at a bar for a night out. Or it even helps towards costs of additional parts when things break. Google AdSense pays about a few dollars for every thousand views as I’m writing this. Ezoic pays up to $25 for every thousand views. But you’ve got to have 10000 views a month before getting approved to join their program and get paid.


Example: if you have 10,000 views a month on your website, that’s $250 Through Ezoic. If you have 20,000 views, it’s $500, if you have 40,000 views that’s $1000. And with that sort of money you could Bikepack tour forever, I wish.


Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs like Amazon are programs where you just add links to your gear list, for example. With many Affiliate programs out there I use Avantlink. They work with a lot of the big outdoor companies that I am sure you heard of. Backcountry or MSR, you get the idea. I like Avantlink as I just signed up to them and have access to lots of merchants.

The way it works is when you’re writing your blogs, maybe you mentioned a piece of gear. What you do is highlight the wording and you put in the link. That means when somebody clicks on the product like an Amazon product or backcountry product and they buy it, you get a commission. It could be 2% all the way to 15%. And that is paid monthly to you. It does not cost the customer anything, but you make some money. 

I know people that use Affiliate links on their websites and do blogs on bicycles. People click on that link, buy the bicycle at $4000 and they make $400 from that one click. Now you know why there are so many top 25 bikes of 2021 blogs lol. If you are interested in doing a blog and making Affiliate income, then go for it through Affiliate programs.

I’m not guaranteeing it as I say it’s all about getting the traffic to your site. If you can’t get the traffic to your site, then you can’t make money from monetisation or Affiliate. A lot of bikepackers don’t put advertising on their site. The reason is they have a healthy budget for their tour or don’t know about it. For me, I decided to just put adverts on the sidebar. It may help to cover the running costs of the site. If I make $350 a year, that’s roughly what I’m spending on my site with all running costs. If I can cover that, I am pretty happy.

There are so many ideas out there and as I say, my site is new and I am learning. This is just the very basics to get you started. If you want to learn more, there are lots of videos on YouTube; check them out. If this info helped you and would like to buy me a beer click here .. Beers cheap in Vietnam $5 get me 10 beers ..  Cheers Guys


Vlogging & Blogging Equipment for Cycle Touring

I now have one bag with all my gadgets in it for when I cycle touring. You can do everything on a phone. Take videos, take photos, write your blog, do you podcast. The only thing you can’t do is drone footage. This is my setup, it just makes life easier while vloging and blogging and capturing the adventure for me.

Break Down Website Cost

Get all you social media brand accounts -facebook twitter instagram -youtube etc  $0.00

Design you logo cavan $0.00

Buy Domian from Cheap names $10.00

Web hosting  from $120.00

Theme Design $0.00 to $79.00

wordpress edit $0.00

Elementor basic $0.00

Elementor Pro $49.00

Plugins up to you

Seo Free

Image optimisise free with 

Yoast Seo $49 


  1. Mate this is a really comprehensive guide for people starting out. I’m going to add some of these tips to my existing website. What mapping plugin did you find best to show where you’ve been? Also, did you say it’s possible to add blog posts/edit website using a mobile app on the phone? What app is that? Cheers Mark

    1. Thanks Man i got research that map thing still but i will .. i hear you can use wordpress app or if built with squarespace they have app.. but i using google browser to edit from my wordpress account… as my blogs are built with elementor ..

  2. Yeah but if you do each section one at a time you get it done… plus reminder that i didnt have a guide when i did it.. and this will help you if you have any question or get stuck just reach out i be happy to chat and help…anythime Cheers..

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