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Follow The Expeditions with Garmin InReach Live Track.

I just picked up Gamin Inreach mini from Backcountry very neat piece of kit for my Bikepacking expeditions. I was looking for a way to live track my adventure for the Solo Bikepacker website. Where you guys can follow the adventure. With the Garmin live tracking, I Can do that now with the Inreach and some html code. Plus is has bonus features like SOS service that works anywhere in the world. For I Like that feature for peace of mind specially for these remote areas. 

Garmin Inreach

I am still in the testing stage of the Garmin Inreach as it new. Like all my bikepacking gear, I do a review once the year up. What I Can tell you I have a lot of Bikepacking friend that switched from the spot tracker. Now these guys are hard core bikepackers. Like Joe who completes in the Great Divide or Anthony who does remote desert crossing. Even my dive buddies have them with a waterproof case for deep dives. They all swear by how good Garmin InReach is. The only complaint it the service packet pricing not much completion out there so prices have not dropped yet. Also when sending texts back to my girlfriend to let her know everything is ok. Or ask her to send me Beer money. She frequently says those beer texts don’t go through..

If your someone who spends extended periods of time in remote regions. Then a GPS communicator like Garmin InReach could become a trusty companion in your Bikepacking arsenal of equipment.If you’re someone who spends extended periods of time in remote regions then a GPS communicator could become a trusty companion in your arsenal of equipment.

let's Meet Up For A Cold Beer

The best of all, if any of you guys are in the area. That I am passing through we can meet up for cold beer and talk Bikepacking. I use the freedom plan so when I am on Bikepacking expedition I just active it and save money. I pay just $14 per month. Hopefully, I get the annual plan when I Am traveling all year round and save even more. That annual plan works out to be $11 a month. Cheer’s Guys