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About My Bikepacking Gear List: Setup.

This is something completely different from my usual Bikepacking setups that I’ve done over the years. From Bikerafting setups to 4 season setups to Bikepacking race setups, etc. I wouldn’t even call it a Bikepacking setup, more of a cross between MTB day ride setup and off-road bicycle trailer setup.

The Base Camp Setup Idea.

This is an idea that I’ve been thinking about for years but wasn’t possible till lately as no one was making a fatbike trailer which I needed to make this setup work. The only options were to build a Fatbike trailer but I didn’t have the knowledge or the experience. So when Extra Wheel started making Fat bike trailers, I had to have one and specially after a good friend that does remote expeditions recommended them. He does desert expeditions where he has to carry 30 litres of water and food between supplies routes.


Everyone has certain ways they like to Bikepack. The guys that love to travel lots of miles a day or the ones who like to go more remote trails, not seeing anyone for weeks. Or the guys who just like to get out for the over nighter trip at the weekends and sleep in a bivi to people on world cycle tour.


What I have found I really enjoy is the ultra light exploration part and specially the camping. So this setup which I called Base Camp is a setup design for when I go remote places. I can set up a Base Camp for a few days or even weeks by just unlocking the trailer. And setting up camp and taking the Fatbike that is already setup up for day rides and set off to explore to trails around the area.


Many times I found an amazing campsite out of the blue and in the morning as I am packing my gear to leave not knowing where I sleep next as I ride off, I am thinking I should have stayed there rather than leave. Especially when there’re a lake and I got my pen fishing rod, wouldn’t it be amazing to fish that lake and make an open fire. Cook up the fish wrapped in tinfoil with garlic butter soaked in lemon. Instead, I leave and end up sleeping behind an old graveyard that night…


Base Camp Gear List setup is simple: When I get to a camp, I detach the trail and setup the camp then relax for the night. The morning I just grab my bike and go exploring around the areas. The bike will just have the basics on it, first aid kit, water tools, some snack or packed lunch. That way I can really mountain bike the trails. Then at the end of the day when I return to Base Camp everything is ready setup from the night before. If there are more trails to explore, I stay another few days more.

How I Pack And My Layout Gear List Style.

Instead of your typical Bikepacking gear list where people break it down into sections of gear category, for example their cooking gear or camera gear, sleep system clothes, etc. The problem with that Bikepacking gear list is that you wonder where the hell you are going to put it all. The way I pack is by Bikepacking bags. Each bag has a purpose; each bag is one category. That way it’s easy to find gear which also means that you don’t have to pull everything out to find some piece of gear. What I learned over the years is when I pack like this, sometime I don’t even touch 25% of my bags. I just take what I need throughout the adventure.

Pack In Reverse Order Always.

You should use this idea even on all Bikepacking setups, not just this one. I even break it down further: each bag has its own category: winter riding gear, etc. You have a winter bag that holds your extreme winter clothes for those hardest conditions with down hat, down Jacket, down trousers, wool socks, face mask, gloves etc…


Always pack in reverse order. Last thing you need goes in first. So, e.g. socks in first, next in the bag is down trousers, face mask, winter gloves, then down hat, then down jacket. That way you can easily get what you need. The chances are if it gets colder or cooling down after a day’s ride you reach for the down jacket.  If temper drops lower, the chances are you need the down jacket, down hat and gloves. If it even drops more, you’ll be for sure adding the socks and trousers and outer shell. Do the same with your rain gear. Pack in order. If It’s light rain, I grab just the rain jacket first on the top. When heavy down pour I’ll be getting the trousers out from the bottom of the same rain gear bag

The Plan


Some links will take you to amazon or REI. Where I get a small commission which never affects your price. It helps with hosting the site and I promise every bit of gear I recommend I own and have tested. Some gear is up to 7 years old and you can still buy it today, that’s how good the product is that I recommend. You can even reach out and ask about that gear, maybe something I missed in the Gear Reviews Page. The pictures in my list and gear reviews are all mine, no copy and paste from the brand’s website.  Also, if some day the affiliate link covers the cost of the running of the site, I promise any extra money I make I spend it on women & beer and the rest I just waste Cheers, Guys.

Before We Start Tip On Bikepacking Frame Bags

I will always recommend a custom hand made frame bag by a small cottage like Bike Bag Dude or Jpaks compare to the factory bags like. 

Here the reasons they’re better.

  • A custom frame bag made by a cottage company will maximise out every mm of your frame space.
  • If riding a Fatbike they can make them as wide as you want- Mine 120 mm compared to factory standard with is 80mm or less.
  • They last longer. Mine over 7 years still in perfect condition to this day.
  • You can get them in any colour you want.
  • You pay more than a factory company but in the long run it saves you money. As you won’t have to buy replacements every few years or months. I know friends on world tour that have destroyed revelate designed frames bags in less that 4 months. They got replacement and destroyed them too, all with the same problem: the zipper broke. To this day they won’t use zipper frame bags; they just use roll frame bag designs. I had no problems with my Bike Bag Dude zipper, trust me, in over 7 years I overpacked that frame bag so many times and it still seals and still is waterproof.
  •  Easy to order a custom frame bag. All you do is just send a paper temple of your frame to the cottage companies and 2 weeks later your new custom frame bag will arrive.

For my setup, the frame bag will always have a same thing in it as after years of testing. I found that the two heavies things I carry are water and tools and spare parts. These things I Can never change the weight of example a tent can go even go lighter than my water. So I put heaviest thing I carry in the frame, better for balance and handling on the trails, so good place to start.

The Base Camp Gear list Setup.

Inside Right Extra Wheel Mate 30 Liter Pannier.

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Sleep System In Bags.

“Tip after destroying 6 air pads, this company one is tough,”

Summer Clothes In Gorilla Dry Bag.

“Tip buy shorts with built in belt you lose weight while touring over time it will save you from searching and buying while on the road,”

Campsite Clothes In Waterproof Bag.

Rain Gear In Gorilla Bag.

“Tip treat your rain gear ever year with gear aid you can do it on the road,”

Winter Clothes In Gorilla Dry Bag.

“Tip key thing is to keep your hands warm and dry while riding if chilly hand you be cold all over,”


DIY General Wash kit Waterproof Bag.

“Tip the Scrubba Wash Bag works great saves money on laundry Matt,” 


Wash kit Bag DIY

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag 

Laundry powder.

Inside Left Extra Wheel 30 Liters Pannier.

Cook system.

“Tip save fuel, I just boil water and put in cosy which continue cooks works great for pasta rice, etc” .


Keith Titanium Multifunctional Cooker.

Sea To Summit Nonstick Fry Pan.

Titanium Coffee Filter.

Toaks Titanium Cup 450mm 

Toaks Titanium Fork / spoon / knife 

Kieth Titanium Spork with Bottle Opener  

Keith Titanium Square Handle Chopsticks 

Stainless Steel Mini Folding Spatula

Evernew TI Stove DX Set

Kieth Alloy Backpacking Wood Stove  

Snow Peak Ozen Table

Fish net for cleaning found at market.

Solar Panel.

Tip: when stopping for lunch time to set up the big 60 Watt Solar panel as to is a fast way to charge most of your gear, it’s like a wall socket”.


Food Bag 14 days Supplies.

“Tip: If I can find I Tent Meals from the uk, Order a lot of them, They pack down really small and taste great ,”.

  • Oatmeal 
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Tortillas 
  • Tuna
  • Oatmeal 
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Tortillas 
  • Vegs
  •  Soups

Check out one-pot meals shopping list

Spice Bag

“Tip spice bag makes life better while on the road stock up at local market much cheaper than supermarket.” 

Attached To Both Sides Of Trailer With Aeroe Spider.

Inside Left Gorilla Bag.

Sea to Summit Pillow

UQ Top Quilt 

Warbonet Under Quilt 

Hang Time Hook 

Inside Right Gorilla Bag.

Zpacks 4 Doors Cuben Tarp

Grandtrunk Namo Hammock

Guys lines Dutchware.

All in One System 

Bags Attached To Bike

14 liter Seat Post Pod Bag

“Tip I got the iPad Mini 4 to work with external SSD hard drive, tip “use only official Apple Camera adapter cheap copies won’t work.”


Top Tube Front Bag.

Tip head net just get it try fixing a puneture on the side of the road with a million fly around you.

Sea To Summit Head Net

Sea To Summit Backpack 


Tactical Pen

Travel Wallet

HeadLamp Waterproof

Phone or

Camera  for quick access


Front Roll Pocket DIY Bag

“Tip people alway give you stuff like fruit snacks along the way. Easy access bag and great place to throw in your cold beer.”

  • Trail mix 
  • Chocolate 
  • Peanut butter.
  • Cold Local Beer.
  • Packed Lunch
  • Cold water bottle used as an ice pack.

Front Handle Bar Roll Bag

  • Tent I Am Getting Custom Tent Made. 
  • But if your looking the best tent for Bikepacking then check out this tent. I have lots of Bikepackers friends using it they love it 

Stem Bags.

“Tip Alot of people just use 2 on there handle bar but the stem bags you can easy fit 4 on your bike it great. for thing you need for fast access 


Small Tube Bag

Patches to Repair Jackets

Repair Patches for Tents 

Waterproof Sealant 




Attached To Roll Bag Solar Panel

20 watt solar pannel.

“Tip I always charge into a battery bank rather than try to charge into Iphone because once shadow crosses you solar panel the phone goes in safe charging it reduces the amp 0.2 

20W Linksolar Solar Panel.

Waterproof Battery Bank.

“Tip hard to find a brand like this if available get a few as they always running out of stock.. Took me 6 month to order 3 more to replace my Anker batteries.

Novoo Waterproof 10000 mAh Battery. 

Water Storage 10 liters

Frame Bag

“Tip always carry the heavest stuck in the frame bag water and tool and spare parts these thing we can never change the weight of”


Right side 


Left side 


Front Forks

“Tip a friend made a good point better stainless bottle i.e. If you lose your water in a desert your dead.”

Right  And Left Side  Of Forks 

Handle Bar additional water

The Beast and Upgrades

“Tip no point having an expensive bike if you can’t ride more than 50km. Invest in a good seat like Infinity Bicycle seat  use discount code Bikepack at checkout to see how much you save”.

Daily Bikepacking Apparel 3 Seasons

  • Helmet HJC
  • Bicycle helmet visor brim ” I Burn so easy this stops it “
  • Club Ride Cycling Shirt.
  • Zoic Men’s Market Black Shorts with Belt.
  • IoMernio Socks.
  • I just wear light hiking boots, If your clip less then these are the best Quoc’s Gran Tourer
  • Garmin inReach Mini 2-Way Satellite Communicator. “Tip I Clip to my belt just incase I come off the bike and get separated. better to be safe than sorry “
  • Suunto Core, Brushed Steel watch with altimeter, barometer & compass. ” Note I really like this watch especially when weather changes. It lets me know 10 minutes before the rain starts. Giving me plenty time for find shelter or setup up my tent near the end of the day. Ps the battery lasts a year and easy to find any where”.

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