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Obsessed with gear and Bikepacking the world, seeing unknown places of the beaten path with my camera and Bikepacking rig (THE BEAST). 

I have been Bikepacking since 2012 with my full-carbon fatty bike with a complete set of Bikepacking bags. I hope my Solo Bikepacking site gives you some inspiration (and helping you with choosing gear that will work) for your own cycle touring adventures. The hardest thing about traveling is deciding to go, the rest is easy. I have got a lot of expeditions planned, so stay tuned. You can reach out and ask a question through Facebook Messager and I reply through my new Solo Bikepacking Podcast. Cheers, Guys.

Solo Bikepacking Website.

Hey, I’m Mark (Solo BikePacker) Welcome to my Solo Bikepacking Website. I love the adventure that Bikepacking brings me, and I want to share what I’ve learned over the years.


 In 2020, during lockdown, the Solo Website was born. I’ve been thinking about this site for many years, wasn’t sure what I wanted the structure to be. There’s a lot of Bikepacking sites and travel cycling blogs I know. But I found no actual place to go to get all the info I needed for Bikepacking’s adventures. From food to take to GPX Bikepacking routes to right choices in gear that haven’t already sold out. You know what I mean – those out box reviews. It’s getting worse using a general photo of product they found online. They have not tested or even put their hands on and tell you how great it is. (I fell for those reviews for too many times to discover later that the product was useless. The only place outdoor for it is the landfill. WE LIVE AND LEARN 


What took the biscuit for me was that I wanted to just submit a Blog with GPX files, as I had completed Ho Chi Minh Trail to one of those Bikepacking sites. In their terms and conditions. First time I ever read one, lucky for me. I couldn’t use or upload my photos and GPX files to any other sites. Not even my own Bikepacking Facebook page once I submitted. Basically, I had no rights to my content as they owned it now. Screw that, so I put together a list of things I thought was important to have on a Bikepacking website with a fair policy, that didn’t steal your work.

Long Term Reviews Only On Solo Bikepacking Website.

Bikepacking Gear Reviews

Best online reviews for Bikepacking or cycle touring, I watched is not actually reviews. Perfect example is I’ve been thinking about a Hilleberg tent and I wanted to buy the Hilleberg Allak 2.


Not cheap like mortgage payment, but they say it’s the best from all the youtuber reviews.


The way to learn if a product is any good is to look at people touring, especially world bicycle tours. 


I follow a YouTube channel called Nomad’s Trails, where this couple is traveling the world. They were using a Hilleberg for over 500 nights of camping in all conditions, i.e. actual life testing.


In one episode they mention they were sending their Hilleberg tent back home and replacing it with another brand. They listed all the problems with the tent, e.g. the floor not waterproof after 250 nights, to the poles breaking, plus many other problems. With that in mind, all my Bikepacking gear reviews will be a minimum of 1 year testing. And have to be a part of my gear list that I use long term.

The Largest Bikepacking/Bikerafting GPX Data Base

Bikepacking Gpx Trails

The largest Bikepacking/Bikerafting GPX Data Base adventures and where anyone can share their content with whoever they want. At Solo Bikepacker, I don’t own any rights to your Bikepacking Adventure. All I ask  for is permission to share your content to the bikepacking community. The goal is to have the largest Bikepacking & Bikerafting GPX Data where people can download your adventure and explore.

One Pot Recipes For Camping Blogs.

Being almost 99% happy with all my gear “Only took seven years”. Now I got time to focus on something new. I spent a lot of time searching everywhere for one-pot meals all over the place. So I thought it would be a great idea to share recipes I use while touring. The recipes are for one pot or frying pan meals. And with ingredients that can be found even in remote places. If you have a favorite one pot meal recipe, you’re welcome to send it to me and I try it and post it with credits to you.


Different Bikepacking Setups.

Bikepacking Setups

Now this is the cool part of the website, a place to get ideas for your adventures. Planning a weekend trip, click the weekend Bikepacking gear setup. I spent a lot of time staring at my bike deciding on what setup from race to Packrafting to weekend warrior. The hardest setup I did is a 4 season with packraft and all food and camera gear. That took me months to figure out and fine tune, but I got there. So here will be a great place to help you get all the gear on your bike. No matter what the adventure you have planned.

Bikepacking Podcasts Answer Your Questions.

Wasn’t sure about doing a podcast at first. It’s hard to do reviews on it if people can’t look at what I’m talking about. Then I remembered a radio show years ago I used to listen to. Where the presenter would answer a question from his listeners weekly. So what perfect way to connect with you guys answering the many questions I get emailed every week. Where I give solutions to choosing right gear or advice on how to pack for international travel. Or what my thoughts are on a tent you’re thinking of buying. Even how much money would it cost to do a world tour? The podcast will be weekly and  I will do them from my phone while on the trail, so tune in guys and grab a cold beer.

The Bikepacking Expedition Blogs.

Bikepacking Expeditions​

Sure, you guys have seen the spelling & grammar mistakes in my website. I should have focused more on my English class. In school I was good at maths, never lower than 96%. But my spelling and grammar are crap. I tell you how bad it was in school in my English class of 30 classmate they ranked me 31. Even worse is when I was running my dive business. Many times I had to ask my Vietnamese and Russian and Chinese staff how to spell certain words when I was replying to a customer’s Email. Yeah guys, that bad. The look on the staff’s faces when I asked and their answer was always the same: You’re from the UK, and your primary language is English, lol.

 Now I use pro writer Aid  app. Basically it gives me the confidence to write blogs more correctly. I have to say I really enjoy writing so while touring I’ll be able up upload blogs. I got all blogging and vlogging gear for the world tour. Just waiting for the world to open up again because of the lock down 2020.

The Website To Be Self Supported.

What I would love is the website to cover the running costs. I design the site myself to keep running costs as low as I can. I’d rather be spending my money on gear and future expeditions and visas, flights, etc. I think this site can help many Bikepackers starting out from making the same rookie mistakes as I did.


If the Solo Bikepacking website over time can support itself with some advert banner revenue and Affiliate Program links. I keep the adverts down to a minimum. Nothing worse than reading a blog with a million adverts to distract you. With your help with donation, buy me a beer. Every once in a while, if the site saves you money, I’ll be more than happy.


Here breakdown of the yearly running cost of the website. Just in case you’re thinking of making a blog of your own adventures. I also write a blog on setting up a website and apps and gear I use. Check out ways to help on the to support page. Cheer’s Guy’s.

Break Down Website Yearly Cost

Plugins $160

Yoast Seo $49 

Email Account $20

More Seo Service $347

Thanks you  Guys for the support really appreciated If you want Help  the site grow Click here 

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