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Welcome to my Bikepacking podcast. Where you guys get insight into my thoughts and tips that I’ve learned. Gear talk answering your questions on how to improve your Bikepacking adventure.

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Each week I answer questions on the Bikepacking podcast that you guys have asked. Subscribe to my weekly Bikepacking Podcast Channel and grab a cold beer. And a good pair of waterproof ear pods, just in case you’re listening while riding in the rain.

The Bikepacking Podcast

The Bikepacking podcast covers important things I’ve learned over the years. From gear that works to planning your own Bikepacking adventures from beginner to expeditions. How to pack your gear to maximize your space to planning your international Bikepacking Expedition.

Secret to Bikepacking is not only to get all your gear on your bike, but to have space left over. I’ve seen so many times when Bikepacker’s do their setups having no space for even food. An experienced Bikepacker can get all their gear, food and water on their bike. And still have 3 litres of space left over. Tune In and grab a cold beer, better yet, buy me a beer here. The podcast live beer sessions are always more interesting. Subscribe for the next episode. 

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